MCM INGEGNERIA Srl was founded in 1995 as an engineering company, which operates in the design of air conditioning systems serving the banking, civil and tertiary sector with the name of MCM IMPIANTI Srl.

Until the year 2000, the company expanded its skills in other areas of plant design, such as fire-fighting systems and electrical and special systems, as well as developing new business relationships in the industrial sector.

In the following years MCM increases its commitment to provide the customer with a complete and integrated service, through a process of continuous growth, developing the skills of its highly specialized staff, always updated on the technological innovations that the market makes available.

In 2005 the number of employees and collaborators grew significantly and therefore MCM moved its offices to the headquarters in Vicolo Monti n. 8 in Grugliasco.

Since 2006, the growth in turnover has been evident, which proceeds in parallel with the expansion of the direct offer to the customer and the opening of secondary offices in Rome and Milan. The adoption of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality System denotes the desire to grow more and more effectively and efficiently.

The working group, which in 2004 had a total of 7 resources, reached 16 resources in 2007.

From a technical and management point of view, MCM acquires the skills of building and structural design and develops the first projects in the hospital and healthcare sector. At the same time, the activities of carrying out the authorization procedures, the Works Management and the Safety Coordination are acquiring ever greater importance. Thanks to the experience acquired, not least the transversal competence in terms of project management, the company is able to manage large works both in Italy and abroad on behalf of public and private clients and construction companies as well as supervise “turnkey” contracts”. The company undertakes to support the customer during all phases of the construction of the work, from design to final testing, guaranteeing the key points, such as compliance with the economic budget, technical and temporal control of the progress of the works and safety in the dockyard.

Since 2005 MCM has gained significant experience in the field of integrated data center design. The specialized staff acquires specific skills thanks to numerous experiences and thanks to relationships with important bodies in the sector such as the Uptime Institute and Datacenter Dynamics. Maximum reliability and maximum energy efficiency are pursued in the design and construction. The company is able to provide specific advice on data centers regarding energy audits, air conditioning systems design, electrical and special systems design, data network design, fire protection systems design, CFD analysis.

Given the increase in skills and the expansion of markets, in 2013 the company name passed from MCM IMPIANTI Srl to MCM INGEGNERIA Srl, a name that best represents all the services that the company is able to provide to its customers.

The years between 2015 and 2019 confirm the growth trend of the company, which in the pre-COVID period has more than 30 resources. MCM invests in the development of internal knowledge for design aid software, becoming one of the first Turin companies to develop BIM (Building Information Technology) projects, thanks to the BIM Specialist and BIM Manager qualifications obtained by its technicians.

At the same time, for mechanical systems in the industrial sector, the SW Autodesk 3D PLANT is adopted for the development of the 3D construction design of the piping of large thermal power plants and for district heating piping networks, a skill necessary to be able to interface with the customers who operate. in this area.

For the electrical part, in addition to the consolidated mastery of the Progetto Integra software for drawing up the wiring diagrams, the drafting of the auxiliary regulation diagrams was implemented through the use of the Ige Xao software. The lighting part is managed by Dialux Evo, a software that guarantees the verification of the calculations, integrating with Autodesk Revit in the BIM environment.

For the calculation of steel and reinforced concrete structures, for geotechnical checks and the calculation of fire resistance, the designers have developed skills in using the CDM DOLMEN software. Advance Steel by Autodesk, highly advanced software capable of providing 3D models of metal structures, is used for the development of carpentry drawings and for the design of construction drawings for the workshop. In addition, this software integrates with Autodesk 3D PLANT providing as a finished product a complete model of the piping and of the metal carpentry brackets.

The period that began with the COVID-19 pandemic, from spring 2020, is experienced by all the members of the MCM staff with great responsibility; “remote” work, now organized as a possibility and no longer as a limitation, pays off and so the years 2020 and 2021 see a further increase in turnover, closely linked to further growth of the MCM “family” which today is made up of 38 operating persons in the Grugliasco office.