MCM INGEGNERIA Srl in the last decade has invested heavily in the training of its staff for the use of integrated 3D modeling softwares between the various disciplines (architecture, structures and systems). The design in Autodesk Revit in a BIM area aims at the integration between the various disciplines (not just plant engineering), for ever faster and more fruitful coordination. The creation of Digital Twins simplifies the analysis both in the design phase and in the management of the designed works, to meet all the customer’s needs.


The projects of the structures are developed with Advance Steel by Autodesk, highly advanced software capable of providing 3D models of metal structures, joints and in general of all construction details, reducing errors caused by design changes or interferences that are difficult to evaluate with the drawing in 2D.




In the field of thermofluidic design, MCM Ingegneria has developed skills in plant design both through Autodesk Plant 3D and through Autodesk Revit. The design in Plant 3D allows the development of the piping with different degrees of detail, from the preliminary for the evaluation of the overall dimensions, up to the construction with the production of isometric sketches for manufacturing in the workshop. The 3D modeling of piping also allows for more precise and rapid integration with stress analysis software.